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        Liberal Arts Education Transformation For Life
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        Studying at LU

        Lingnanians Sharing

        Undergraduates at Lingnan experience small classes and a four-year campus residency, and this allows close relationships to form between students, teachers and the University. These ‘Lingnanian’ relationships often continue beyond the four years of campus life. Many students have founded start-ups together after graduation, and in some cases, they have received help and advice from Lingnan teachers. Lingnanians make good entrepreneurs and professionals because they are skilled in critical thinking, and know about a wide range of subjects. Their analytical abilities, and their willingness to think outside of the box, have proved to be the keys to their success.


        Scholarships and awards recognise students’ commitment to community service

        Lingnan University’s motto is “Education for Service” so it’s no surprise that community service is an integral part of campus life.   Terra Ting Cham-yin actively shares her volunteering stories via an international charity VolTra.

        The Liberal Arts University in Hong Kong

        Liberal Arts and Cross-disciplinary Curriculum

        Close Faculty-Student Relationship

        Vibrant and Residential Campus

        Abundant Global Learning Opportunities

        Community Serving for Positive Changes

        Liberal Arts and Cross-disciplinary Curriculum
        Letter to Lingnanians
        50th Congregation
        50th Anniversary of the Re-establishment of Lingnan University in Hong Kong
        Column 4 (2)
        QAC Audit Report 2016
        Master of Accountancy Programme 2020-21
        Lingnan University Non-local Student Scholarships 2020/21
        Information Day for Undergraduate Admissions 2019
        Application for Admission to Undergraduate Programmes 2020/21
        Master of Accountancy Programme 2020-21
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