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        Liberal Arts Education Transformation For Life
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        About LU

        Committees and Advisory Boards

        Committees and Advisory Boards

        Standing Committees of the Senate

        • Academic Quality Assurance Committee
        • Campus Life and Student Services Committee
        • Discontinuation Appeals Panel
        • Postgraduate Studies Committee
        • Research Committee
        • Student Disciplinary Committee
        • Undergraduate Admissions Committee
        • Undergraduate Examinations Board

        Please click to view Terms of Reference and Membership List


        Committees under the President and Central Administration

        • Academic Staff Review Committee
        • Appeals Committee for Non-Academic Staff
        • ?Catering Committee
        • Deans' Committee
        • Equal Opportunities Committee
        • Health and Safety Committee
        • Management Board on Internationalisation
        • Non-Academic Staff Review Committee
        • Personal Data Privacy Committee
        • Presidential Group Meeting
        • Risk Management Committee
        • Standing Committee for Review of Appeals in relation to Personnel Actions of Academic Staff
        • Steering Group on Strategic Planning
        • Student Hostels Management Committee
        • Teaching, Learning and Information Services Management Board
        • University Administrative and Planning Committee

        Please click to view the Terms of Reference and Membership List 

        Advisory Boards (pdf)