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        Liberal Arts Education Transformation For Life
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        Our Student Experience

        A quick taste of Lingnan education


        This video will give you a quick taste of liberal arts education at Lingnan

        Where Transformation Begins


        Lingnan University is the liberal arts university in Hong Kong. We provide students with full residency and extensive learning opportunities. View video to see how students benefit from Lingnan’s education.

        Go Global • Enrich Life


        80% of our undergraduate students go for exchange in 180+ partner institutions in about 40 countries. We also receive 300+ international students per year. View video to learn how students develop their global perspectives.

        We Learn • We Serve • We Change


        Lingnan University is actively promoting Service-Learning, which enables students to put theory into practice, and deliver meaningful services to the community based upon academic knowledge and research elements. See how students apply what they have learnt and respond to social needs through service-learning in this video.

        In our own words


        See what our students and alumni say about Lingnan.

        Testimonials from employers and partners


        See what employers and community partners say about Lingnan students.

        Student and Alumni Stories


        See what our students and alumni have experienced under a liberal arts education.

        Students’ Achievements


        Our students won awards in different competitions.

        Lingnan Campus


        This video will bring you to the tranquil yet vibrant Lingnan campus.