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        Research & Impact

        Knowledge Transfer

        Knowledge Transfer


        Lingnan University has made great stride in engaging academics in Knowledge Transfer (KT) to achieve impact from research and professional knowledge. Success is seen not only in the number of projects completed but also in new platforms established and new opportunities identified.

        KT Annual Report  

        Knowledge Transfer Project Fund (KPF) projects


        Consultancy and Contract Research Projects

        In 2017/18, there were 42 consultancy, contract research projects as well as social and community projects undertaken by academic staff. In terms of income, there was an increase from HK$26.62 million to HK$30.48 million.  The University is proud to have sponsors and partners from Hong Kong to as far as the Netherlands, and in extending our knowledge to benefit people from the local community to as far as Africa.




        Innovation and Impact Fund (IIF)

        KT projects initiated by the faculty have made wide and positive social impact on revitalising heritage, raising professional standards, facilitating business development, promoting arts and culture, and building a caring society.