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        News and Events

        News and Events

        Students Enjoy Experiential Learning at the University of Oxford


        Summer School 2019

        Group photo of the participants of Summer School and programme team at the University of Oxford


        The International Postgraduate Summer School co-hosted by Lingnan University and the University of Oxford commenced on 23 June 2019 at Lingnan University, attracting the participation of postgraduate students and faculty members from different universities in mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. After one-week study at Lingnan University, selected students continued the Programme at Hertford College, University of Oxford in early July 2019. Students participating in the International Summer School were highly satisfied not only with their learning experiences but also cultural exchange in the UK. Pictures below capture their experiential learning @ Oxford.


        Highlights of Students’ Experiential Learning at the University Oxford

        Photo Album

        Summer School 2019 Summer School 2019

        The Summer School provides the opportunity for postgraduate students to share their research and learn from world-renowned scholars to enrich their research experiences.

        Summer School 2019 Summer School 2019
        Summer School 2019 Summer School 2019

        The two-week programme at the University Oxford includes a series of workshops on various research activities, such as academic workshops, research tutorials, and study tours.

        Summer School 2019
        Participants of the Summer School were invited to join the Gala dinner held in the splendid surroundings of Hertford College’s historic Dining Room